An event scheduling app prototype marketed toward young adults for gatherings both big and small. The app functions for users to create and attend “Hangouts” with 'social media-like" features integrated to increase engagement within the app as well as frequent usage. Along with designing the interface, a landing page was created solely for advertising the app. For both desktop and mobile use, the landing page encourages potential users to “upgrade their hangouts” with Spontay.
Date: 2021
Role: UX/UI Designer

User Personas:
In my user personas, I identified the needs of my target audience ranging from the ages of 20-28. I considered what would be most important for those who want to host events as well as the attendees. Understanding the goals and frustrations of both my primary and secondary users made it more clear to envision how each would navigate through the app.
Within my research, I not only examined the needs of my audience but also looked at the current market of existing scheduling apps. In doing so, I aimed to understand the established conventions of scheduling apps as well as what was missing from other platforms that could make my product stand apart from the rest. I wanted Spontay to be bright and inviting so I implemented features like profiles and image sharing to promote continued use after an event is finished. 
Final Frames
After various rounds of critiques and prototyping, the current design of Spontay was finalized. The final product includes cleaned-up spacing, consistency in type, and appropriate color contrast to reduce eye strain. The app's functionality was designed in consideration of what the most important elements of event planning are as well as features to thoroughly make the experience more enjoyable for all users.
Final Frames
The main purpose of the landing page is to promote the app and provide information to potential users in a pleasing way. With this in mind, I did not want to make the space too cluttered and opted to remain minimal with imagery and focus on the product as well as why it can be beneficial to one's social life.

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