Eventeny is an event management platform with the mission to make the lives of event organizers easier. From vendor application management, ticketing, and customize map creation, Eventeny helps minimize the stress so that events can be enjoyed.
As a member of Eventeny's marketing team, I worked closely with the company’s growth and expansion team to create a video highlighting key services that Eventeny provides. Given that they are an emerging company, the goal of the video was to create something to encourage people to use Eventeny as an event management tool and promote the brand. The completion of this project has led to the video becoming a tool for the customer support team to close deals with potential clients. 
The conference brochure for Eventeny reflects the company's mission to relieve the stress of event planning with their services. The design incorporates relaxation with coloring pages and other activities for conference attendees while highlighting how the event management product makes the process easier.
Date: 2022
Client: Eventeny
Role: Designer
URL: www.eventeny.com​​​​​​​

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